'Oh, mein Papa!' - work in progress



This is a very personal project. These pictures are small photos among many others I found in a box my father had kept and most of them I hadn't seen my whole life. He died in 2011 at the age of 85 from one moment to the next with a last laugh as I was told. It so much fits him and his life. On one hand. On the other I started to realize that I hardly know anything about him especially about his youth until he got to know my mother. We were never very close but most part of it had to do with his personality: He always used to be more of a party person than a deep thinker. Nevertheless I always felt loved by him in a very volatile way.

When I found these pics they somehow touched me deeply because I got the feeling that this part of his life is a time I can relate to. A time of levity, craziness, hunger for life. So much more of course for that generation. And yet I found a melancholy in some of these pictures that is a greater bond between him and me than any spoken word or time spent together. As I grow older I see more of what I have learned in life because of him and my indulgence for the mistakes he made becomes bigger. Not just because things tend to change to the positive in hindsight. But rather because I discover parts of him as a whole that makes coherences more understandable and first and foremost sensible.

The project won't just show some funny pictures. I want to show a wider range of his adolescence especially his time during World War II and the end of it where he was taken prisoner in France. Also I will write and add texts and poems and some articles, etc. I edit them the way I think they get a new dramatic touch but not loosing their patina of these old beautiful photographs.


If you're interested I can keep you updated. Drop a note via email photography@susasolero.com or leave a message down below.

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