Interview in the Art Reveal Magazine, Bodenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany about my pictures.

Unusual participation from the participation of a contest: The new magazine 'The Uncoiled' of the art site of the same name shows a few of my pictures in connection with poems and texts by other artists.

Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung, 16. August 2021, 'Auf der ganzen Welt zu sehen', Hacky

Podcast 'Photopocene' with and by Josie Purcell talking about my ongoing project 'MüllDepponie'


Video of the Vernissage 3 of July 2021 by Florian Glock                                      

Virtual tour through the exhibition by Eberhard Droege                     

Another feature of my ongoing project 'MüllDepponie'        

Feature in the print edition