As with most pictures I love to edit what's there and create something new. As a friend said 'you're pics are very expressive'. I like strong contrasts although lately I experimented with blurry structures and feelings. But I always come back to contrasts and tensions. I find it easier to approximate to a middle or a core when starting from the farthest ends. That's the way I understand live in general and in particular.

People criticize, especially nature wouldn't look like that. Colors weren't natural. I don't care about natural in nature. In contrast to settings with people where I don't like at all when a certain natural spirit is lost (which doesn't mean that I don't care for exaggerated poses) I almost always prefer changing the natural aspect of nature. I don't want to show holiday pics or photos like in a catalogue for summer trips. That's not my intention at all. I create my own world. Not the way I see it but the way I want to see it. Apart from that: The world isn't black and white either.


Can you relate to that? Have you ever tried to change colors in a total different way like from red to green or yellow to purple?